The Story

It all started with a dog. 

Well technically, a doggie waste bag.  I found myself on a mountain bike/camp trip on my period, with only a dog poop bag at my disposal.  I thought," really?  really?!  this is it?!  You've got to me kidding me!and that's how .pac was born.   

The design of .pac is simple yet functional and stylish but not flashy and removes the mess and 'oh s&!%' out of the period and adventure equation. The intention behind the design and look of .pac is to leave you feeling prepared and empowered.  At about the size of a cell phone when rolled, .pac allows you to pack in your period needs and pack out your period waste-- no matter what your adventure might be. 

Mountain biking, skiing, rafting, rock climbing, 'rock and roll-ing,' hiking, backpacking... you keep doing you.  And I hope that .pac makes whatever your adventure might be that much more enjoyable while on your period.

Thanks for your support and see you out there,