Renegades, in Raspberry
Renegades, in Raspberry

Renegades, in Raspberry

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"No matter how hard you try, you can't stop us now..."   

Periods won't stop us.  Neither will the 'norm' of how the outdoor period experience currently stands.   And that's why we think Renegades, in Raspberry is the perfect name for one of our original period pacs.  

The Renegades, in Raspberry is a rich raspberry color with a dark blue interior making it bold anbeautiful without being overly flashy.

A description of how to use your new period pac is below.  Not into reading? Watch our tutorial video here!


Pocket #1.  Reusable waste bag pocket:  The reusable waste bag that comes with each .pac purchase is made of ripstop nylon and is machine washable.  We recommend air drying it.

Pocket #2.   Your needs pocket:  this can fit up to three "super" size tampons.  *This is based on the kotex brand of 'expandable' tampon.  This is also the pocket where thin pads can fit and is a great pocket for back up products for a menstrual cup user.

Pocket #3 So Fresh and So Clean pocket:  We don't leave you hanging....this is the pocket to keep you feeling fresh and clean.   *Each purchase of a .pac includes a Rosewater wipe from the goodwipes company. 

Pocket #4.  Waste Pocket:  This is where you store the disposable bag (from pocket #1) that is now filled with all period waste.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Product details:

period pac outer layer is made with VX21 Terrian X-PAC TM laminated ripstop fabric.  *VX21 is the most popular high performance pack material. The combination of X-Pac™ Ripstop Polyester, Hydro State waterproof construction technology, and 200 denier nylon fabric face provides an ideal balance of weight and durability.

period pac inner layer is made with 400 Deneier High Density Coated Packcloth Nylon fabric.  400 Denier coated nylon fabric is the "elephant hide" of the outdoor fabrics. Typically created from 400 Denier nylon yarns, this High Density fabric is as tough as leather or vinyl, or any other fabrics on the market and yet is still light weight, workable and easy to sew. It is perfect for "extra duty" areas such as corners and bottoms on many items. It also makes the toughest bags where its extra weight is less important than superior toughness. This fabric is permanently sealed with a finish offering superior water repellent properties under all weather conditions that will not crack, blister or peel.


Cleaning your period pac after use

We recommend using cold water while hand washing or washing on the delicate setting.   Air dry.  

 **Song quote above is from a Rage Against the Machine cover of 'Renegades of Funk.'**